Change by Design: introducing Work+Texture

I bought a copy of Tim Brown's Change By Design in the winter of 2009 in the old Border's Bookstore on University Avenue in Palo Alto. I had never heard of Design Thinking before, but as I browsed through the book, I immediately recognized solutions that managers in a large company could use to make an impact. For me, the order of things was simple: observe something that happened repeatedly, find partners to review the patterns with and if they saw something too, come together for a day or two to collaborate on how we might define and address what we were seeing and design something spectacular. There is power in numbers and the coming together of different perspectives to shape, prototype and test an emerging idea.

There are different types of design-thinking. Work+Texture is a human-centered design (HCD) consultancy. We are big fans of other design approaches such as UX, but we're not experts. We like to partner with those guys everywhere we can. What HCD means is that we never lose sight of the people at the core of a project or a company. Without doubt, when a team and customers are passionately engaged, significant work challenges can be readily overcome. Design thinking is a method being able to bring incredibly innovative ideas to market with strong business success and to do this repeatedly. It's a simple, collaborative and usually visual process that speeds up business projects massively. Why spend months on a plan when you could design and build a prototype of an entire business in a week? What would that mean for your business and for the engagement levels across your team? What would it mean for your brand if you were seen to be both brilliant at what you do and fun (brilliant) at how you do it?

We are all measured by goals at work. Books like The First 90 Days tell of the value of getting scores on the board early and regularly. We don't disagree with early success, but we think it's important to put in place a system for repeated, proven successes. The methods we use in our workshops are designed to achieve rapid results and lay the framework for repeatable successes at the same time. And we've learned through trial and error, prototypes and tests, on how best to approach the challenge of instilling a design-based framework into your business programs.

All of this lead us to the name, ‘Work+Texture’. Our work is what we do, our texture is the richness of our design perspective, the design-based methods we use and our extensive experience building programs for organizations of many different sizes and shapes over 20 years.

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