Two Day Workshops

Total Duration: 16h

Minimum no. attendees: 2

Full EBC Program Design

We offer extended-term EBC program design consultancy also.  Please contact us to discuss.

Case Study

An Executive Briefing Program provides an incomparable opportunity for your company to engage with and observe a customer’s real world for a whole day.  In fact, your EBC is like a film-cutting room and the amount of valuable insight that is typically left unexplored is staggering.

Imagine the opportunity that exists when you empathize with a customer’s challenges and opportunities and engage in an exploration of their most inspired thinking.  Imagine helping them to define – and even prototype – ideas that help them accelerate and reframe their existing business opportunity. 

No other marketing or sales tool allows this degree of personal engagement with a customer.  The value you generate out of your EBC program all depends on what you put into your briefings.  Taking a design approach to your EBC business model and planning will massively differentiate you in the eyes of your customers.

Reframed as a design tool, your EBC cements the core value propositions your company presents to customers.  They will get to ask every question, explore every opportunity and envision a new future, faster, along a growth curve they’ve never experienced before.

Our 2-day workshops will teach EBC teams and stakeholders how to capitalize on the investments already made.  We also offer a full EBC design program for companies looking to build a new EBC program or transform an existing one.

Two Day Workshops

Total Duration: 16h

Minimum no. attendees: 2

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