Two Day Workshop

Total Duration: 16h

Minimum no. attendees: 10


The word 'design' is fast becoming a buzz term like 'innovation', a word everyone knows but interprets slightly differently. 


Our 2-day design thinking workshop is a process for generating and defining innovative thoughts and ideas, then rapidly prototyping and testing their feasibility and viability


Design thinking will unlock ideas and results that go vastly beyond other approaches.  It doesn't matter what the subject matter area or industry focus is.  Design thinking is highly cost effective and productive because the ideas are generated from within your organization.  We'll show you how projects that often take months can be delivered in a a few days and how whole companies can be built and launched in weeks.

Design thinking facilitators work with teams to unleash their creative confidence and create proven and repeatable methods for generating ideas that work - meaning those ideas are desirable as well as feasible and viable for the business or organization.  Observation, empathy, value-definition and collaboration are core tenets of the design thinking approach as are agile and rapid prototyping and testing.

Design thinking is fundamentally about creating a systematic approach to innovation.  It takes into account the need to blend professional results and personal satisfaction, or, combining our 'workview' and our 'lifeview'. 

We take the view that systems enable repeatable goal achievement and not the other way round.  Design thinking allows people to understand and engage fully with the environment around them, to see the full extent of the scope of their idea or business and to engage in a collaborative way with those actors who can help bring their sustainable projects to life.

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