How do you design products or services that people really want? 


How do you define the value of your departmental program and get noticed inside a large organization? 

How do you develop a strategy to repeat your success time and again, rapidly, effectively and efficiently?


The goal of our Business Model Design workshop is to help you propose your business value and a viable cost/ revenue model in a simple way.  You'll inspire people without having to write a clunky business plan that few want to read.  You'll determine your market and the most efficient routes to getting there and  you'll know how to build the right team to get it done.  You can use the process time and again to repeat your success and do it regardless of subject matter area or industry.

Business Model Design is a method of creating remarkable, transformative value from messy, complex challenges.  We use well known business design tools (below) and borrow techniques from the software industry - using methods like agile, lean, sprints - and apply them to business programs.  We present ideas visually, mapping out those who are impacted - or can impact - your work, so that you can quickly get a full sense of the scope and reach of your business or program.  Is everyone on this map engaged as a stakeholder?  Can you clearly outline the value of your work to your various audiences?  Does your planning allow for work requests coming in from unexpected areas?  How do you identify the people you'll need as 'radical collaborators' to build a broader support base?  How do you build your personal 'system' to wow your audiences repeatedly?  We'll help you describe your business on one-page so that people will literally see your value.

Our Business Model Design approach uses some well known tools, blended with design thinking-based methods and twenty years' experience working with customers.  ​

We'll look at:

  • How to create things people really want

  • How to prepare in a simple and repeatable way

  • How to build your business model

  • How to build an effective team

  • How to understand the full extent of your business scope

  • How to find 'radical collaborators' to support you

  • How to develop systems for proven and repeatable success

Some of the tools, approaches and thought leaders we subscribe to and influence our workshops include:

  • Design Thinking

  • Agile, lean and sprint methodologies

  • Value Proposition Design and Business Model Generation by Strategyzer

  • The at Stanford University

  • DevOps for Business

  • Continuous Improvement and Continuous Development

  • Service Design Thinking

  • Design a Better Business

  • Logical Model Frameworks

  • Mural


Two-Day Workshops

Total Duration: 16h

Minimum no. attendees: 5

Case Study

Full Business Program Design

We offer extended Business design consulting services also.  Please contact us to discuss.

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