Work+Texture is a business strategy firm.  We enable companies to design strategies that support proven, efficient and repeatable success and deliver distinctly better customer experiences.


We never lose sight of the people involved.  Our passion is to unlock the creative confidence within your teams and to build products and services that inspire your colleagues and customers.  We believe this helps to make the world a little bit better each time.



There are three supporting elements that we believe give our work rich Texture:

1. Perspective


Our perspective is that having proven and repeatable systems for achieving goals are critical for success.  If you don't have a simple and repeatable process it will be difficult to communicate why you succeeded and why anyone should bank on you to do so again.

2. Methods


The Methods or tools we use are largely design-based, including Design Thinking, Value Proposition Design and Business Model Generation (by Strategyzer) and a range of our own templates and frameworks which we've developed over 20 years of building programs for organizations of every scale across the world.

3. Experience


We've tried and tested every approach and every workshop plan that we use over a varied customer-facing career lasting of over 20 years that ranges from lecturing in university to developing plans for sustaining rural businesses and tourism to Silicon Valley high tech.  We've delivered programs all over the world and to many global cultures.  While much or our approach is built on our experiences - good and sometimes not so good - we know that every day is school day and we are continuously learning.

John Morley & Associates

John Morley is Principal of Work+Texture, a business strategy firm that helps companies transform their business programs through creative innovation and rapid delivery.  He specializes in the design, build and delivery of lasting business programs.

John has built numerous programs from education through to high tech, small business and tourism all over the world using a foundation of design thinking methods and the perspective that everyone can be creative and that unlocking creative confidence leads to spectacular value.

Over the years we have built up a large network of multi-disciplinary experts, our associates, who support our programs and clients.  This allows us to offer a broad range of business consulting and business design services and to cross-over between business and technology disciplines.


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